Sunday, February 17, 2008

Minor changes - lots more to learn

As a total new member of the blogging community (and web-page building for that matter) I have to learn a ton of new stuff. What I learned today is how to add a favicon to my blogger website, so I can get rid of the orange "B" logo of blogger itself.

Thanks to I was able to change this in about 15 minutes. What's left is to adjust the icon, so it is not a complete shameless plug from one of my favorite websites (hats off if you can guess which one that is... :) and get something more in line of the goal of this blog.

What is coming out in the near future:

  • Transferring to a 4-column template
  • Adding finally the much needed content. I've been composing the last couple of days (but thinking about it for the last eight years)

In regards the content - here is what you can expect in the future:

  • Getting your own Social Security Number (every Immigrant has to start with this)
  • Getting your own Personal ID
  • Opening your first bank account
  • Enrolling in free ESL classes
  • Renting your first apartment
  • Purchasing your first computer
  • Applying for your first job position
  • ....

This will be enough to get started. Much attention will be paid on providing step-by-step info for new or future immigrants and also how a person who is just starting their independent life would save money on each of these steps.

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